Not a Clou

[Yes, “Not a Clou” is a silly pun. “Clou” is the French word for the “wedge”, the mark made by individual pen strokes when writing cuneiform.]

This page discusses stories that pretend to be about life in ancient Mesopotamia, but do not have any good basis in evidence. Incorrect information is not helpful. Bad ideas are not helpful. Being separated from your money in exchange for incorrect information or bad ideas is not helpful. It’s important to be able to distinguish between reliable and unreliable information. This page will help you do that for the ancient Middle East.

As a general guide, if someone tells you that aliens visited Mesopotamia, built ziggurats, genetically engineered humans, were worshipped as gods, waged nuclear war or anything else involving advanced technologies, they are mistaken. Whether or not alien life exists or has visited this planet, there is zero evidence for it in ancient texts, art or archaeology. If aliens visited Mesopotamia, they left no trace and were not recorded. Likewise, there is no evidence for dinosaurs in Mesopotamia.

Another useful guide is that if someone tells you (in English) about “Akkadia” (instead of Akkad or Agade) or “Sumeria” (instead of Sumer), they are probably not experts. Heather Baker (University of Toronto) explains it elegantly: it’s like talking about “Canadia” rather than Canada.