Episode 67. Amy Gansell: Dressing Assyria’s queens: show notes

Amy discusses the multi-sensory presence of the queens of Assyria. What was queenly dress and what meaning did each part of it convey? How does the evidence from art compare to what we learn from archaeology? Can we identify personal choice? She also talks about what it’s like to wear queenly clothes, and what experimental archaeology can tell us.

2:45 sources for textiles
5:13 experimental archaeology
6:37 tombs of the queens
8:35 art versus archaeology
9:50 queenly dress
14:28 symbolism
17:03 individual choice
20:58 burialwear
21:54 craftsmen for the queen
22:44 smell, sound, and other senses
26:40 international dimension
28:39 new book
30:50 beauty standards
34:55 posture
37:41 colours

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Music by Ruba Hillawi

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