Episode 60. Susanne Paulus: Back to School in Babylonia: Show Notes

Susanne pulls back the curtain on how exhibitions are made. She explains how the topic was chosen, and how that vision is translated into reality. How long does it take, how many people are involved, and just what needs to be done?

2:17 about Back to School
3:27 goals
5:37 what’s on show?
7:16 star pieces
10:10 recreating an ancient school
11:05 how to display tablets
17:06 why school and why now?
19:10 return to Nippur and the Nippur Tablet Project
23:51 audience testing
25:50 how long it takes
27:37 what does a curator do?
29:33 the wider team
38:40 workshops for children
41:33 souvenirs for the giftshop

Susanne’s university page
Susanne’s Academia page
Susanne’s ResearchGate page

Back to School in Babylonia exhibition
exhibition catalogue
The Adventures of Inanaka and Tuni: Learning to Write in Ancient Babylonia
Augusta McMahon’s talk on excavations at Nippur

This special exhibition has been curated by Susanne Paulus, with Marta Díaz Herrera, Jane Gordon, Danielle Levy, Madeline Ouimet, Colton G. Siegmund, and Ryan D. Winters and with support from Pallas Eible Hargro, C Mikhail, Carter Rote, and Sarah M. Ware. This exhibition has been organized by the ISAC Museum: Susan Allison, Rob Bain, Denise Browning, Laura D’Alessandro, Anne Flannery, Marc Maillot, Helen McDonald, Kiersten Neumann, Josh Tulisiak, and Alison Whyte, with contributions by Erin Bliss and Judy Radovsky.

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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