Episode 55. Agnès Garcia-Ventura: The historiography of assyriology: Show notes

Agnès discusses the history of the field, and why that matters now. Cast collections were an important part of Spain’s early interest in ancient Iraq. How did these collections form? Who was interested? What were they interested in? And why? The history of the field has also impacted how we interpret objects, and how we read ancient texts. What lessons does that teach us?

3:16  why study the history of the field?
5:47  what is a cast?
7:39  casts in 19th/20th century
9:38  cast collections in Spain
11:52  Spanish interest in ancient Iraq
14:22  how objects were selected
18:31  different options for different purposes
21:24  impact of historical context
23:13  historiography and gender studies
28:32  impact in textual studies
30:08  opportunities and challenges for us now

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Agnès’s university page

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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