Episode 44. Sophie Cluzan: Votive statues from Mari: show notes

Sophie reveals the secrets of the votive statues from Mari. How did people choose to represent themselves, and why did they make those choices? Why are the male statues walking? And what do the markings on some them tell us about the life of the statue?

4:42 votive statues
7:21 Mari votive statues
12:43 what did they look like?
17:45 how do statues work?
22:59 walking statues
33:46 women watching from the sidelines?
35:47 end of life

  • statue of Ebih-Il
  • Statue of Ebih-Il
  • Statue of Ebih-Il.
  • Statue of Ebih-Il.
  • Statue of Ebih-Il.

© 2011 Musée du Louvre / Raphaël Chipault. https://collections.louvre.fr/ark:/53355/cl010120528

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Music by Ruba Hillawi

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