Episode 41: Farouk al-Rawi: reflections: show notes

Farouk offers his personal story. He describes his family background, his early life, and details of his career. He explains how he became interested in ancient Iraq, and the many people who influenced and helped him develop his career. We learn about life in Iraq during the 20th century, and how political changes affected one man’s journey.

3:14 introduction. Rawa
6:33 family background
15:01 interest in history
19:36 after graduation
27:33 early career
34:51 student life
37:40 teachers
41:31 PhD
46:05 return to Iraq
51:17 discovery of the Sippar temple library
58:40 trouble in Baghdad
1:00:05 Suleimaniyah Museum
1:06:02 thoughts about the future

Photo in the Gertrude Bell Archive: “J_226 – ‘Anah – Iraq. Rawa ferry [Villagers at Rawa ferry landing. View from water]. Date: 3/1909”
Farouk thinks this may show the people of Rawa gathered under his family’s orchard

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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