Introduction to Thin End of the Wedge: show notes


Episode 0: Hello! And welcome

Hello! And welcome to Thin End of the Wedge. This episode explains what the podcast is about, and how and why I brought it to life.

Thin End of the Wedge explores life in the ancient Middle East. There are many wonderful stories we can tell about those people, their communities, the gritty reality of their lives, their hopes, fears and beliefs.

We bring you expert insights and the latest research in clear and simple language. We won’t talk to you like you’re stupid. But you won’t need any special training to understand what we’re talking about.

0:12 Welcome! Host Jon Taylor introduces the Thin End of the Wedge podcast

2:08 Why Thin End of the Wedge, and why now?

Music by Ruba Hillawi




Twitter: @wedge_pod  


You can find a full transcription of the episode here.