Episode 9. Elisa Roẞberger. Reflections in clay: the tactile art of terracottas: Shownotes

Elisa talks about terracottas as physical images. What different sorts are there? What images were popular? She tackles the difficult questions of who used them, and what for. What do broken examples tell us? And she explains how we understand the meaning of ancient images.

3:05 what is a terracotta?

9:24 what kinds of terracotta are there?

11:36 what images were popular?

13:11 how were terracottas used?

17:52 how do discover the meaning of terracottas?

22:51 what was the significance of breaking terracottas?

24:35 how to follow Elisa’s work

University page: https://www.vorderas-archaeologie.uni-muenchen.de/personen/wiss_mitarbeiter/rossberger/index.html

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/elisarossberger

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