Episode 8. Saber Amiri Parian. Re-reading the Elamite version of Behistun


Saber talks about his work recovering the text of the Elamite version of the trilingual inscription at Behistun. This is cuneiform’s equivalent of the Rosetta Stone. It was created at the end of the 6th century BC for Darius the Great of Persia. It has long been famous, but there is still more to learn about it.

3:39 introducing Behistun

6:13 the 3 languages

9:23 Behistun or Bisitun?

10:34 knowledge of Behistun

13:21 why new work is needed

16:16 Saber’s work

20:09 future plans

23:43 Behistun and Elamite in Iran

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