Episode 7. Dahlia Shehata. Anzu: The Many Faces Of A Monster: Show notes

Dahlia explains all about Anzu, the thunderbird. Who was he? How did his character change? Why was everyone so taken by the Tablet of Destinies? What does his story tell us about the Mesopotamian relationship to the world?

2:59 who is Anzu?

4:28 Anzu’s story

12:00 the Tablet of Destinies

15:59 how Ninurta defeated Anzu

17:30 the different Anzus

26:35 what’s new?

University staff page: https://www.phil.uni-wuerzburg.de/altorientalistik/team/shehata/

Academia: https://wue.academia.edu/DahliaShehata

e-lecture by Dahlia, 30th November, on “Narrated time and space in Mesopotamian Combat Myths”, including Anzu: http://banealcane.org/lcane/events/

Introduction in Arabic

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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