Episode 62. Prize-winning assyriology: show notes

At the Rencontre in Leiden this summer, the IAA awarded its annual prizes celebrating the excellence of early career scholars. There were prizes for the best dissertation, best first article, and a research subsidy. I tracked down the prize winners to ask them about their work. 

2:17 Clélia Paladre
2:57 thesis on Iranian glyptic
4:38 the Proto-Elamite phenomenon
6:14 working at the Louvre

7:31 Tomoki Kitazumi
8:29 translating in the Hittite empire
11:45 interpreters in the ancient Near East
13:56 German-Japanese interpreters colloquium

16:26 George Heath-Whyte
17:02 Neo-Babylonian patterns of life
21:05 naming practises project

23:31 Annarita Bonfanti
24:50 Urartian bowls project

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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