Episode 6. Paul Collins: Displaying the ancient Middle East in the 21st century: Show notes


Paul explains the thinking behind traditional displays. He then guides us through the new displays at the Ashmolean. What is he doing differently? What does the future of display look like?

2:09 traditional displays

4:55 the role of aesthetics

8:14 temporary exhibitions versus permanent displays

12:53 flexible displays

17:37 catering for senses other than sight

21:47 technology

24:18 terminology

25:51 Owning the Past: from Mesopotamia to Iraq

28:32 new galleries at the Ashmolean

37:41 skill-sharing with Iraqi colleagues

39:39 how to follow Paul’s work

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BISI: http://www.bisi.ac.uk/

Paul’s Twitter : https://twitter.com/P_T_Collins

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