Episode 59. Louise Pryke: Ishtar then and now: show notes

Louise discusses Ishtar, one of the most enigmatic and fascinating deities of the ancient Middle East. What characteristics were assigned to her, and what stories were told about her? What happened when Ishtar met Gilgamesh? Louise also discusses the reception of Ishtar and Gilgamesh. What do people find interesting about them now? She explains how being based in Australia influences her research.

1:56 how many Ishtars are there?

3:20 male or female?

5:11 Ishtar in myths

7:38 Ishtar as the archetypal or impossible woman 

10:52 Ishtar and the king

12:34 popular reactions to Ishtar

14:03 hot take on Gilgamesh

17:00 Australian context for research

19:08 sharing research widely

20:12 what’s popular about assyriology?

23:42 sources for the popular Ishtar

26:13 what’s new for you?

Louise’s university page
Louise’s book on Ishtar
Louise’s book on Gilgamesh
Louise’s book on Wind
Louise’s Academia page
Louise’s Instagram: @louloveshistory

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