Episode 58: Looking back at RAI Leiden: on conferences, and catching up with guests: Show notes

This special episode is a follow-up on the big annual conference. I offer some thoughts on what happened, and on how things might be in the future. As part of this, I catch up with three colleagues who have appeared as guests. Two were among the very first guests, who kindly helped me start the podcast. It was a leap in the dark for all of us. Since then, there have been a lot of changes for Gina and Jana. The third is a more recent guest, but someone who will shape our experience at next year’s conference. Saana offers her thoughts on this year’s topic–inequality–and gives us some hints about what we can expect in Helsinki next summer.

2:14 Jon reflects on RAI Leiden

11:02 catching up with Gina Konstantopoulos

16:15 catching up with Jana Matuszak

25:14 Saana Svärd’s thoughts

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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