Episode 53. Parsa Daneshmand: Consensus decision-making in divination: Show notes

Parsa explains how decision making took place in ancient Iraq. When you asked the assembly of gods for their yes/no answer to help you solve a difficult problem, how would they agree on what to reply? Why would these answers be time limited? And how would they make their answer visible in the entrails of the sacrificial sheep?

2:35 what is extispicy?
6:25 who used it?
11:17 how long was a divine answer valid?
15:15 consensus decision making
19:28 were all gods equal in voting?
23:07 did gods each vote in their own organ?
25:49 why decide by consensus?
29:49 how much weight did an answer carry?

Parsa’s Academia page

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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