Episode 52. Birgül Öğüt: Phytoliths in west Asian archaeology: show notes

Birgül explains about her work using microscopic plant remains to understand life in ancient western Asia. What are phytoliths and how do we find them? How can such microscopic evidence tell us about building use, for example? And where do they sit in the archaeological toolkit?

3:12 what are phytoliths?
5:14 sampling method
8:02 dung
11:43 limitations of phytoliths
14:07 from the micro-scale to the big picture
16:59 combination with other methods
20:59 training
26:27 Birgül’s projects

Birgül’s Academia page

If you would like to donate in support of the earthquake victims, Birgül suggests the following organisations: 



Music by Ruba Hillawi

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