Episode 5. Jacob Jawdat and Rients de Boer: Gardening on the frontline: Shownotes


Jacob and Rients discuss their collaboration on texts from a site housing soldier-gardeners. Who were they and what were they doing there? How can archaeology help make sense of tablets looted a century ago? What is the situation today?

03:12 Where is Tell Abu Antiq?

04:34 What does the name Abu Antiq, and the ancient name Pi-Kasi, mean?

07:09 Connecting tablets old and new.

08:50 The finds from Abu Antiq.

11:00 Progress so far.

11:45 “Gardeners”.

17:09 How to connect tablets to archives.

19:49 Importance of archaeological context.

22:44 The end of Pi-Kasi.

25:17 Plans for the future.

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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