Episode 48. Amanda Podany: A New History of the Ancient Near East: show notes

How can 3000 years of history, documented by a mountain of sources, be surveyed clearly in a single book? Amanda tells us all about her new history of the ancient Middle East. Why did she use micro-histories? Who among the people in her book made the biggest impacts on her?

3:36 why micro-histories?
7:46 finding the non-elites
11:38 who did Amanda empathise with?
13:22 who did she feels sorry for?
16:56 who made her laugh?
19:40 whose story to tell?
21:43 history from limited data
26:11 writing a synthesis
30:26 why this book?
32:52 the author’s hopes

Amanda’s Academia page

Amanda’s university page

Amanda’s new book

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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