Episode 42. Julian Edgeworth Reade: Reflections: show notes

Julian looks back over his career. He explains how he developed his interests, and his unusual path into the field. He discusses some key moments: from the excavations at Nimrud, to discoveries in museum collections, and his own excavations at Tell Taya. Who influenced him? What does he think about how things are done? Plus news of his latest work. 

3:03 approach to history
5:30 origins of interest
8:25 archaeological experience
13:58 community in Baghdad
17:44 PhD life
20:43 first job
26:26 on the Nimrud excavations
33:25 Tell Taya
37:12 museum discoveries
44:49 displaying Assyrian sculpture

  • portrait of Julian Reade in front of an Assyrian sculpture
  • portrait of Julian Reade at Ras al-Hadd in 1988
  • dig car stuck in the mud at Rimah, 1969
  • glazed brick panel from Nimrud
  • cover of Julian's book about the Indian Ocean trade
  • cover of Julian's book about Mesopotamia
  • cover of Julian's book about Assyrian sculpture
  • Julian Reade at Bavian,1973

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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