Episode 40. Davide Nadali: Excavating Tell Surghul: show notes

Davide recently returned from a season of work at Tell Surghul in southern Iraq. He discusses the site and his team’s work there. How did they choose the site and what did they want to achieve there, and what are their results so far? Why is excavation important anyway? He explains what an archaeological team looks like today, what they do, and what happens once the excavations are over. He also offers his thoughts on current discussions around how foreign teams should work in Iraq.

2:53 Tell Surghul
7:13 choosing a site
9:17 project goals
13:25 results so far
16:49 the excavation team
20:07 a typical day
25:47 why excavation?
31:11 conservation/preservation
35:38 making the future better

Davide’s university page
Davide’s Academia page
Davide’s Twitter

The 10-point list of suggestions for decolonising excavations permits

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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