Episode 35. Małgorzata Sandowicz: Law and order in Babylonia: Show notes

The abundance of records from Babylonia between the 6th and the 4th century BC shows us how justice functioned. Why was the trial process so intimidating? How could you avoid it? And what happened if you couldn’t?

3:05 how we know
5:01 where crime happened
7:58 motives
9:35 white collar crime
11:01 law enforcement
15:53 trials
18:07 judges
22:28 where courts met
23:49 access to justice
26:01 trials
32:38 torture
34:29 an eye for an eye?

Małgorzata’s Academia page
Małgorzata’s ResearchGate page

Małgorzata’s book on law, at Zaphon press

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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