Episode 32. András Bácskay: Fever!: Show Notes

András discusses the medical conditions that showed themselves through heat of some kind. ‘Heat’ could affect many different body parts, for various reasons. Which medicinal ingredients were used to cure ‘heat’ and why? András also gives an introduction to his latest work on ‘glosses’ in medical texts, and what the broader significance of the different types is.

2:51 about Mesopotamian medicine
5:19 fever in the ancient texts
9:52 how to catch a fever
12:08 how to cure a fever
20:57 why lizards?
22:03 strange ingredients
23:12 glosses in medical texts

András’ university page: https://btk.ppke.hu/en/academics/institutes-and-departments/institute-of-history/department-of-ancient-history/faculty/andras-bacskay
András’ Academia page: https://ppke.academia.edu/Andr%C3%A1sB%C3%A1cskay
András’ ResearchGate page: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andras-Bacskay

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