Episode 30. Elynn Gorris: Locating the Neo-Elamite kingdom. Show notes

Elynn introduces the historical geography of the Neo-Elamite kingdom. What do we know about the borderlands and their role in Assyrian-Elamite relations? Why don’t we know where so many places are, and why is that so significant? 

2:32 who were “the Elamites”?
5:24 the Elamite language, writing, and texts 
7:33 about the Elamite kingdom 
10:21 relations with Elam’s neighbours
11:50 the borderlands and Elamite-Assyrian relations
15:36 on Elamite identity 
16:28 where are the places mentioned in the texts?
21:16 about the harbours
25:16 matching up names with sites on the ground

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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