Episode 29. Elena Devecchi, Stefano De Martino, Walther Sallaberger. Virtual Assyriology: RAI 67,Turin: Shownotes

While the pandemic keeps us apart, colleagues are working hard to find ways to organise virtual conferences. The 67th RAI is hosted by Turin this July. Elena Devecchi and Stefano de Martino explain what to expect this year, and what it means to Turin to host a RAI now. Walther Sallaberger explains the IAA’s role in coordinating the RAIs.

2:48 what is the Rencontre?
3:38 about ‘eating and drinking’ in Turin
7:47 how to make a virtual Rencontre
15:33 virtual networking, and inclusivity
20:36 legacy of Rencontre for Turin
25:36 the IAA and what it does
33:57 how IAA supports Rencontre

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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