Episode 25: Adelheid Otto, Nicolò Marchetti, Ingolf Thuesen. ICAANE: Archaeology Coming Together: Show Notes

Adelheid, Nicolò, and Ingolf explain about the ICAANE. Why was it started, and how did it become what it is today? What does it take to organise an ICAANE? What lessons were learned from the recent, virtual ICAANE? And what can we expect from future ICAANEs? What can be done to make them more inclusive?


2:49 About ICAANE

5:10 Scope of ICAANE

8:11 Who runs it?

10:22 Logistics of in-person ICAANE


14:21 Significance of ICAANE

16:20 Logistics of virtual ICAANE

23:17 Successes of virtual ICAANE Bologna


27:17 Why is ICAANE always in Europe?

28:55 What can we expect from ICAANE 2023 in Copenhagen?

34:10 Inclusion, and the future of ICAANE

Access to ICAANE 12 Bologna lectures: https://12icaane.site.ibrida.io

ICAANE 12 Bologna website: https://eventi.unibo.it/12icaane

OrientLab YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IjpFbH2DRU

ICAANE: http://www.icaane.net/

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