Episode 21. Fabienne Huber Vuillet: Meanings From The Mundane: Show notes

Fabienne introduces us to the Mesopotamian science of predicting the future based on things that happened during daily life. What might have meaning, and how would you find it? Who used this kind of expertise? And was there anything you could do to change the future predicted for you? 

2:34 omens from daily life

5:20 what had meaning

10:20 how did divination worked

16:49 who used the omens

19:51 could you change the future?

25:15 how the mass of knowledge was organised

Project site: https://www.unige.ch/lettres/antic/unites/mesopotamie/projets/edition-de-la-serie-divinatoire-shumma-alu/

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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