Episode 2. Jana Matuszak: Misogyny and the ideal Sumerian woman


Jana Matuszak reveals the secrets of ancient texts describing how not to be a woman. Some of these texts have lain unread for almost 4000 years. She brings Sumerian literature to life. What do they tell us about the expectations placed on women in ancient Iraq?

Some of the fragmentary tablets containing the texts about Two Women. Photo J. Matuszak

2:43 What do these texts sound like?

4:38 About Sumerian

7:12 Introducing the texts: how many are there, and what happens in them?

13:16 Why are they fragmentary?

15:41 Is this reality?

24:51 Who was the ideal Sumerian woman?

27:43 Is it misogyny?

30:49 Research progress

Jana’s personal page at SOAS: https://soas-uk.academia.edu/JanaMatuszak

Academia page with copies of articles: https://soas-uk.academia.edu/JanaMatuszak

Twitter: @JanaMatuszak

Jana’s book will be available through https://www.degruyter.com/view/title/571773?language=en

To join the staging of “Two Women B” in English and Arabic, sign up via Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/myevent?eid=117241708105

ORACC is at: http://oracc.org

Jana’s translations are not yet available, but you’ll find all sorts of other interesting texts there in the meantime.

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