Episode 16. Ilgi Gerçek and Selim Adalı: The Istanbul Sippar Project: show notes

Ilgi and Selim explain their collaborative project to document and eventually publish an important group of texts from Turkish-sponsored excavations at Sippar in the late 19th century. They discuss the number and content of these tablets, and how they came to Istanbul. What are the project’s aims and what progress has been made so far?

5:07 About the Project

5:47 Why Sippar?

7:27 About the tablets

9:25 How they came to Istanbul

13:15 Results and further goals

18:45 Wider dissemination

20:56 Mesopotamia in schools

ilgigercek (at) bilkent.edu.tr

selimferruh.adali (at) asbu.edu.tr

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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