Episode 13. Nicolò Marchetti: Nineveh 2020. How and why archaeology? : Show notes


Nicolò discusses the work of the Iraqi-Italian team at the site of Nineveh in 2019 and 2020. What is the situation at Nineveh now? How has the site been affected in recent years? New research has revealed new information and insights. But far more importantly, Nicolò discusses the forms that archaeology can take, and why it is done.

2:24 about Nineveh

6:51 new work at Nineveh

9:55 what archaeology means at Nineveh

20:32 collaboration with SBAH

26:28 why this work, at Nineveh, now?

30:45 archaeological park

36:41 engaging communities

view of Nineveh, showing the Adad Gate

Academia: https://unibo.academia.edu/Nicol%C3%B2Marchetti

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Barry McGuire – Eve Of Destruction: https://youtu.be/qfZVu0alU0I

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