Episode 12. Gojko Barjamovic: International trade: Show notes


Gojko reveals the amazing scale and scope of international trade in the ancient Middle East. And the incredible detail in which we can study it. The Assyrian trade network was not the exception we used to think it was. The traders’ business records document a system that has much to offer wider historical study.

2:39 what is trade?

5:10 about the Old Assyrian Colony Period

9:31 what the ancient archives tell us

12:49 was Assur normal or exceptional?

17:44 the significance of the scope and scale of the trade

21:52 who were these traders?

30:43 the relation between trade and political organisation

Academia: https://harvard.academia.edu/GojkoBarjamovic

University page: https://nelc.fas.harvard.edu/people/gojko-barjamovic

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