Episode 11. Carlos Gonçalves: The human face of Mesopotamian maths: show notes


Carlos introduces us to the social setting of Mesopotamian maths. What form did maths take? Who used it and what for? Are Mesopotamian practices related to what we know from other ancient cultures, or from the modern world? Carlos explains how our understanding of Mesopotamian maths has changed over the years.

2:19 about Mesopotamian maths

5:34 the oldest maths

10:10 connections to other ancient cultures, and to the modern world

14:57 how they wrote numbers

17:22 how Mesopotamians thought about numbers

23:51 changing modern understandings of Mesopotamian maths

28:42 Carlos’ work

The number 37 being written in cuneiform

Academia: https://usp-br.academia.edu/CGon%C3%A7alves  

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