Episode 34. Tiffany Earley-Spadoni: Urartu and digital public engagement: show notes

Tiffany introduces us to Urartu, Assyria’s great neighbour and rival. What can we learn from its network of fortresses? And how can deep maps and digital storytelling help us engage people with our work?

3:48 Urartu and the Urartians
9:36 Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscapes Project
12:56 the fortress network
15:16 fire beacon stations
18:42 digital storytelling
20:50 deep map
23:16 community engagement

Tiffany’s university page: https://history.cah.ucf.edu/faculty-staff/?id=1391

Vayots Dzor Fortress Landscapes Project: https://projects.cah.ucf.edu/armenia/

Tiffany’s twitter: @tiffanyspadoni

(RICHES project: https://riches.cah.ucf.edu/)

Music by Ruba Hillawi

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